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Who is a Mortgage Lender who can work with bad credit?

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Seven Need-To-Know Tips about Your Credit Score

Allow Mortgage Lenders to Access Your Credit Report
It is important to understand how pulling your credit report affects your personal score. While it is true that an abundance of credit inquiries can reduce your score a bit, having one or two mortgage lenders access your credit report will not harm your score. Should you allow 8 or 9 lenders to pull your credit in a short period of time, you will notice a negative change. But, there should be no reason to have that many inquiries from different mortgage lenders.

There is no way to avoid at least one or two credit inquiries, however. Since most mortgage interest rates are dependent on the borrower’s credit score, you cannot receive a firm mortgage loan offer until your lender has your report. Remember, BOE Mortgage offers a wide variety of loans, so it should not be necessary to span the globe in your search for the best mortgage for you.

Remember, credit reports are not “product specific.” You can qualify for more than one type of loan from the same lender without having them pull multiple credit reports. One will do nicely. Your credit score will not be affected and your prospective lender can give you a firm loan offer.