What are the steps to pre-qualify for home ownership?

Take a moment to view my video on the steps you need to take to pre-qualify for home ownership!  Bank of England Mortgage Tennessee is a mortgage lender in Sevierville TN.   We work with all conventional loan products including USDA,VA, FHA and Reverse Mortgage. FREE Home Mortgage Loan Advise. Answers to your Home Mortgage […]

Where do I find Zero Down 100% Financing home mortgage loans?

Bank of England Mortgage Tennessee is a lender with full loan products to accommodate your lending needs.  Zero Down home loans are USDA Home Loans and we can absolutely do USDA Home Mortgage Loans along with FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage and more. See what our website http://www.boetennessee.com tells us about all of our available loan […]

Is Home Ownership a Good Investment?

Have you ever thought of owning a home as a form of “forced savings”? Indeed it is – by owning a home, every payment you make puts equity onto your property. With proper upkeep, your home could sell for quite a bit more than you paid for to start with. In addition, owning your own […]

Is it wise for single women to be Home Owners?

Here’s a fun fact – according to the 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, more single women have been purchasing homes than single men (18% to 11% respectively). In a lot of ways, this means great things in an era where female equality and empowerment is rightfully on center stage.     Some details […]

What are the advantages of becoming a Home Owner?

There are many good reasons to become a homeowner – having your own place in the world, payments lower than rent and being able to do what you want with the property (within reason), but one big reason to consider purchasing a home are the advantages in investment. Aside from tax incentives, owning a home […]