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Is it wise for single women to be Home Owners?

ask debbieHere’s a fun fact – according to the 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, more single women have been purchasing homes than single men (18% to 11% respectively). In a lot of ways, this means great things in an era where female equality and empowerment is rightfully on center stage.



Some details they released are as follows:

* Average Age: 32 years old
* Average Income: $49,400
* Single women are more likely to become preapproved for a mortgage in order to know their budget at the beginning of the home buying process and to be able to make a move if they find their dream home.
* Many female homebuyers think long-term when considering buying a home, often considering what amenities they may need in the near future.

Some great things to know. Whether you’re single or married, Bank of England would be more than happy to help you get financed for the home of your dreams in the Smokies. Call us at (865) 429-2797 or visit us at http://www.boetennessee.com/.